Erik Decamp

Mountain Guide

High-mountain skiing

What is high-mountain skiing ? Something that looks like off-pist skiing, but takes place in a high mountain environment, which makes some difference : we often ski on glaciers, we have to respect rules and find our freedom within constraints. Or we ski rather steep slopes. The personal attitude is a bit different than for off-pist skiing : it is not only fun, but a mix of fun and humility.

Discovery and Vallée Blanche
You are a skier, you want to ski in these high mountains, either on classical descents as the Vallée Blanche, or on some of the fantastic descents we can find in the Chamonix valley and around. Just call, we will find you the best one-day trip of the moment.

Beginners and advanced : 6 days course 6 days is really good : after 2 days warm-up, you feel usually a bit tired and need an easy day ; then you really feel in shape and you give your best for the best skiing you can imagine. It may include some day tours with the skins, seeking for perfect snow and long long descents.

Heliskiing Helisking is not allowed in France, but Italy ans Swiss are so close... Trient, Courmayeur, Valgrisenche, we can organize a perfect day for you.

"Heliskiing abroad"Canada, Kamtchatka,... we have connections for exotic heliskiing.

Which level is required ?
If you are an off-pist skier, you are ready for high mountain skiing. If not, you can go for high-mountain skiing if you are a good enough skier on pist : we will teach you the techniques for off-pist.

When is the best season?
As soons as there is good snow, and as long as there is good snow. In altitude, you can sometimes ski in June !

How many people with one guide?
I use a ratio of 4 persons for one guide. For some descents we may prefer 2 guides with 6 to 8 persons.

How much does it cost?

The fee is based on a daily rate of 400€/day for the guide, to be shared by the participants. This does not include rentals, accommodation and transports.

Where do we go?
Isn't Chamonix the base camp for the best skiing in the world ?

What do we need?
For high mountain skiing the basic equipment is the same as for off-pist skiing (including the ARVA), plus a harness.