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Ski Touring

The essence of ski touring is travel. It was born years and years ago in northern countries where people invented skis to make their travels easier and faster. Even today, in the great classic tours like Chamonix-Zermatt, we go from one point to another. Until recently, most of the people of liked ski tours were not really interested in skiing, some of them being even poor skiers... they liked going up ! and it is not so easy to do elegant turns with a pack on your back and your skis stuck in crusty snow. Now we want to have also good skiing, and with the new generations of skis, it is much easier. And several days without "touching the ground" is really great !

Off-pist skiers : discovery You are a skier, you would like to have this experience and see if you like it.. and you expect a good descent. Just call, we will find you the best one-day trip of the moment.

Security course (3 to 5 days)Ski touring requires some experience and training, because risk assessment in snow and on glaciers is far from obvious. Many skills are involved in ski touring : orientation, decisions related to avalanche risk, using ARVAs, security on glaciers, etc. We propose you a dedicated course including good ski tours and technical training. Place : Chamonix.

Three star tour (4 days ). We go up to a confortable hut, and each of the three next days we do a different tour from this hut, the last one skiing down to the valley. Small pack, enjoyment of being in the mountain with moderate efforts. A very nice way to feel the flavour of ski-touring.

The great classics. Chamonix-Zermatt is the most famous, and it deserves it, even if it is sometimes a bit too crowded. You are a group of friends, and you want to do one of these long trips together. Just call, we will customize our offer.

"Skiing abroad"Norway, Lebanon, Marocco,... Ski touring is a very nice way to travel, we can give you ideas and make them happen for you.

Which level is required ?
During ski tours you never know what kind of snow you will find. Probably all of them ! It is much more confortable if you are a good skier, used to off-pist. Before we go for a tour, we check your level.

When is the best season?
Spring is usually the best period for ski touring, but many tours can be done in the early season, and some in winter. That's for the Alps. For other destinations, each country has its best season, of course.

How many people with one guide?
I use a ratio of 4 persons for one guide. A group of 8 with 2 guides is really a nice way to do ski tours, because it is easier to adapt to everybody's shape.

How much does it cost?

The fee is based on a daily rate of 400€/day for the guide, to be shared by the participants. This does not include rentals, accommodation and transports.

Where do we go?
The discovery courses take place in Chamonix.

What do we need?
The specific equipment of ski touring is skis with adapted bindings and skins, and an ARVA for the avalanche rescue. The basic mountain clothing is required, with mountaineering equipment for glacier tours, plus what we need for the huts and some food. The list may be long, and is provided for each project.