Erik Decamp

Mountain Guide


Let's go for the queen of mountain activities. Reaching the top of a big mountain after hours on an airy ridge is really something you may get addicted to. Making your way in a mythic face, years after the pioneers. Just enjoy spending a day in the high mountains. Whatever the way you prefer to enjoy it, montaineering makes it possible. Take time to get into it, it's worth it !

Beginners Mountaineering is something you dream of, but how to start ? Just come for a few days, and you will have a real introduction.

Introduction course (6 days). You discover a bit of everything : in 6 days you can really have a good introduction to all the components of mountaineering, and enjoy reaching a summit.

Mont-Blanc course (6 days) It is the local king. everyone dreams of climbing it (or of staying on top of it ?) It is beautiful, but often crowded. Anyway we can find tricks and try to climb it in a nice way. But let's start at the beginning : Mont Blanc is much better if you get prepared for it : technically, physically, and by an acclimatization to altitude up to 4000. In 6 days we can do that together.

Advanced You are a mountaineer. You have some experience but not enough for some climbs you're dreaming of. Or maybe you want to learn more. Join us !

Advanced course (5 days). With your profile, let's create a program together, won't you?

When is the best season?
The high season for mountaineering in the northern alps is summer. Nowadays, summer tends to be longer and longer : June is often good, and september-october can be marvelous. Mountaineering is also possible in winter, especially in Chamonix where some good climbs are easily accessible.

From a weekend to a full week
In this page I propose courses, but I am open for any request, even just for one day.

How many people with one guide?
The usual ratio is 1 or 2 persons per guide, according to the difficulty.

How much does it cost?

The fee is based on a daily rate of 400€/day for the guide, to be shared by the participants. This does not include rentals, accommodation and transports. Some climbs as Mont Blanc have their own rate.

Where do we go?
The courses take place in the region of Chamonix and in the Swiss Wallis.

What do we need?
The complete alpine equipment is required.