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Mountain Guide

Rock climbing

Rock-climbing is a very natural game. Since the beginning of alpinism, it has been an activity in itself, even if it was also considered as a footstep to moutaineering. In Fontainebleau, in the Dolomites, in Wales, in Yosemite, in the Calanques or the Verdon gorges, climbers gave to rock-climbing its letters patent of nobility. Now sport climbing make it much easier for everyone to discover rock climbing in very accessible cliffs. Rock climbing is immediate fun, and it can be an introduction to great adventures.

Beginners Many people ask : "can I do it ?" To discover the enjoyment of rock-climbing, you do not need any special quality. Whatever your initial abilities and the level you will reach, you will enjoy it, and discover yourselves much better than you expected.The void is something you get used to step after step, Rappelling down for the first time is an unforgettable experience. Reaching the top of your first pitch is an intense satisfaction. You can do it !

Introduction Weekends. Your first try. Good to learn the basics and climb your first multi-pitch route.
Introduction course (5 days). In 5 days, you learn the basics, you get enough training to incorporate some of the best practices, you may climb a longer route and try leading at your level.

Sportclimbers You are an indoor- climber, or you have done some sport climbing in small crags. You would like to do some long climbs, learn more about security in multi-pitch climbing and rappelling down, and climb in a mountain environment. But you would feel better if someone could introduce you to all this topics and increase your skills. Welcome, that's what I like to do !

Weekends. We check your know-how, and go for a long climb for a first approach.
Advanced course (5 days). We will get some more skills, confirm it through training, and have the opportunity to climb very different kinds of routes. We learn how put our own protections, and do some leading. At the end of the week, you will be a different climber.

Second youth/rock You are an experienced mountaineer ; at the time you were climbing a lot, every climb was a mountain adventure, requiring commitment and you were used to climb with a heavy equipment. As time went by, you and your friends had less time, and maybe les motivation for this kind of adventure. Now, you are not sure that you are ready to a high level of committment, but, for sure, you like rockclimbing. Many really good routes have been created in the mountains for the pleasure of climbing without too much stress. Let's have a try, you will like it !

Weekends. You have the background, let us just have fun. One day, 2 days, is it really the question ?
"A la carte". Let's talk and find the best program according to your expectations !

When is the best season?
In mountain areas like Chamonix, all seasons are good except the heart of winter. We have access to many areas, including val d'Aoste, which opens up the possibilities of dealing with the weather conditions. In some areas like Provence or Finale Ligure, rockcimbing is a 12months/year activity.

From a weekend to a full week
Chamonix is close to Geneva, and it is easy to come for a weekend. A long weekend, 3 or 4 days, is a perfect time period to warm up, improve your skills and confirm them on a longer or more difficult climbs. A 6-day course is perfect to get really into it, incorporate good practices and enjoy major climbs.

How many people with one guide?
When we learn or check the basics on a small crag, a guide can take care of 4 persons. On a multipitch, a guide climbs wiith 2 persons maximum. On a few days course, the ratio will be adapted to the program of each day.

How much does it cost?

The fee is based on a daily rate of 400€/day for the guide, to be shared by the participants. This does not include rentals, accommodation and transports.

Where do we go?
Chamonix area, of course, but also Provence (amongst the vineyards !), Finale Ligure and the Dolomites. Actually there are so many good places that we can also decide together. For the rockclimbing project, it is very easy to adapt our plans.

What do we need?
Climbing boots, harness, helmet, belay device, a cowtail and a few carabiners. You're ready to try ! For further experiences, of course, you may need a bit more, but basically, rock cimbing is for people who like to be light !