Erik Decamp

Mountain Guide

Mountain magazines

Along my alpine career, I had several opportunities to write articles about my ascents, in specialized magazines. As I have been involved in the creation of Vertical, I kept a privilieged relationship with this magazine. AlpiRando and Montagne Magazine also published some of my articles, as well as the American Alpine Journal.


like to interview some of the characters of the climbing community, and write their profile : the last ones were Kurt Diemberger, Doug Scott and Norman Dyhrenfurt.

General press

I like writing, and although I am not a professional journalist, I wrote also several articles in the general press (Le Point, Liberation).

Education and business

The development of my workshops gave me the opportunity to publish several articles in educational (Ecole Valdotaine) or business medias (la revue de l'APM).

Some of these articles will soon be available for downloading.