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Ice climbing
In the heart of winter, new shapes are built by Nature for the pleasure of climbers – frozen waterfalls become ice walls. Climbing ice opens a new range of sensations in the unique atmosphere of alpine winter. More

Rock climbing
Rock climbing is the alpha and the omega of mountaineering. Once you've tried it, you never forget it and you want more. Facing the void, touching the rock, concentrating for a move. Pure pleasure. More

Ski touring
One of the most classical ways of discovering mountains. At a slow pace on the way up with the skins, with the magic of the summits and the long descents. Day after day, a good ski tour is a journey for both body and soul. A real experience. More

High-mountain skiing
High-mountain skiing is more than going off-pist. We are far away from the pists, of course, but we are also in something different; glaciers, altitude and steep slopes. This is the world of alpinism, with the fun of skiing. More

Rock, ice and snow. Faces, ridges, glaciers. Summits. Enthusiasm. Effort. Intensity. Friendship. A powerful experience. That's the cocktail of mountaineering. More