Erik Decamp

Mountain Guide

The world of mountaineering is not the world of business. No need to be a mountaineer to realize that there are important differences, in terms of motivation, pleasure, nature of the risks, etc.
However, what happens in moutaineering refers to deep characterisitics that express themselves in our personal and business life. I do not claim for the belief of direct analogies between mountain and business, but I am convinced that what we understand through mountaineering can be relevant out of the mountain field.
My approach can be summarized in three steps,

Sharing an experience
The first step is to share my experience, and to explain what I learned out of it, how I understand it. It is based on stories, on mountain ascents and adventures that I lived.

Facilitating its appropriation
The second step is more committing for the participants : together, we find paths from my experience and its meanings, to their life. I have created a few tools to make this interaction possible and efficient, such as : working on a fiction, set of cards, set of questions, etc
In the context of mountain workshop, the mountaineering experience acquired by each participant with the help of mountain guides is debriefied, and is itself a tool for the appropriation and thinking.

Formulating explicit objectives
The third step is mainly the task of the participants : they are the professionals of their business, and as such they are the best persons able to formulate the keypoints and objectives emerging from our meeting.