Erik Decamp

Mountain Guide

The spirit of the workshops

The workshops are an alternance of indoor and outdoor activities. The indoor is typically seminar-like. The outdoor is made of climbing or mountaineering experiences organized as workshops. Each workshop is related to one of the topics we work on. All the outdoor activities are under the responsabilty of very experienced mountain guides led by Erik. These workshop are not designed to select people on their physical abilities : the aim is not to create new hierarchies, but to allow each person and the group to discover themselves.

What do you expect ?

On top of the expectations of the seminars, the mountain workshops contribute to a very efficient team building and provide a unique opportunity of incorporating, through an intense personal an group experience, the ideas illustrated by the seminars.


The topics are basically the same as for the seminars.

Specific co-animated projects

Two projects are developed in collaboration with specialists of management,on the following topics :
- managing diversity
- crisis management

Where does it take place ?
Chamonix is the main location of the mountain workshops. It allows a great diversity of situations. Other places are possible, and can be studied.

How long does it last ?
The typical formats are :
2 to 3 full days for the basic workshops
5 days, in particular for the co-animated projects

Size of the group
Mountain workshops work particularly well with 8 to 25 persons.
Bigger groups are possible for team building projects.

French and english

The cost are negociated for each project. They include the packaging of the mountain activities, and can include the whole packaging (accomodation, local transports, etc)