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I will be happy if we can have projects together. If you are interested in any of my products, please contact me through e-mail, using the contact form available on this site. Just fill-in your details, press "submit" and I will receive your mail right away !

Post-scriptum : Agua Para La Vida, "Water for life"

Agua Para La Vida is an NGO I am involved in. APLV works in Nicaragua, helping rural communities to design and build their own distribution system. The availablility of drinking water increases dramatically the health and hygiene of the local population. APLV action includes also education, through a technical school whose students are future water technicians.
It is really a very deep local action of solidarity, and I invite you to discover APLV through its website You can also look at some photos I did there to document the project.
Please get in touch through the contact form if you wish to help. You are more than welcome !