Erik Decamp

Mountain Guide

It's windy on top
Intercompanies workshop for leaders

At the top, you are often alone and always exposed. You need to share your experience with other leaders. Take an opportunity to develop in-depth visions about what is involved in risk-taking, in terms of perception, decisions, individual and collective abilities.

Intracompany workshop for managers

Your work together in a changing world. Facing changes, transforming a crisis into an opportunity requires a team spirit in which trust and solidarity are fundamental. This workshop is a contribution to your team building.

Workshop for top managers

Take advantage of the metaphor of guiding to re-visit your leadership. A contribution to your way of creating a vision and setting goals.

...and more workshops, customized with you !

My motivation.

Since the beginning of my professional life, I have been trying to explore two directions : one is related to my passion for mountaineering and guiding, the other one is related to my scientific background. During more than 15 years my background expressed itself through a research activity, while I was living a very exciting period of my alpinist's life. These two worlds were more or less disconnected. It was altogether stimulating and a bit frustrating.
Being an alpinist made me face situations that stimulated my reflexion about number of topics. We have to deal with risks, in a context where human factors are essential, and we are not alone : a team is commited. No real succes without trust and solidarity. The mountain environment is complex and partly unpredictable. The perspective of risk and the necessity of reaching objectives may affect our behavior as an individual and our interpersonal relationship, thus compromise our efficiency and security. Then the challenge is also to be lucid about our fragilities.
Being a guide is a legal and moral responsability, and it involves the role of teaching, coaching, transmitting knowledge and experience and playing a role in the access to autonomy.


I knew how relevant these questions are in the day-to-day personal and business life. It took me some time, and maybe some more maturity, before I could figure out how this experience could be translated to people who have no idea about mountaineering, and how these people could appropriate it for themselves for their personal and professional development.

The main topics of my workshops

I am now proposing seminars and workshops on such topics as : team commitment, the team facing risk, knowledge transfer, security at work, etc.
The seminars take place in the companies themselves, during formations or for special events like conventions. The workshop includes sessions in the mountain, contributing to an efficient team building. They may involve an interaction between these situations and more theoretical approaches.