Erik Decamp

Mountain Guide

During many years, I used to take pictures during my expeditions and ascents. It was mainly a way to keep images of what I was doing and seeing. I was taking a camera on my climbs, but photography was not the main purpose. At the same time, photography really interested me. A good friend of me, Guy Martin-Ravel, a brilliant documentary photographer in the best tradition of Henri Cartier-Bresson, initiated me to the art of "looking". I realized that black and white images had a real strength, different from the color pictures.

Spending less time abroad, I could, in my late fourties, think of learning more about photography. Guy showed me the magics of the darkroom. I got a Leica M6 camera which is now a day-to-day companion, and realized that I was starting to consider photography as an activity in itself. No matter the situation or the place, no need for extraordinary events, day-to-day life is a gold mine for photo.

Use the menu on the left to select the subject you want to have a look at. I will upload the website time to time with new subjects.

How to buy photos
Some of my mountain photos are available through Corbis-Sygma. Otherwise, please contact me direcly.
The black and white photographs must be ordered directly to me : they will be edited specifically for you, numbered and signed.

Paris, Brussels, Courmayeur and Les Houches.